Admiring the independence, strength, grace and playful will of cats Purrfit adopts an extended feline metaphor to inspire our own mindful wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

PURR = An expression of healing or contentment.
FIT = Able or Ready to adapt.

Would you like to gain confidence, balance and strength – in both body and mind?  Do you  hear yourself saying “I’m not fit enough for the gym/ slim enough for swimsuits / bendy enough for yoga / coordinated enough for dance / brave enough to try a new career…. or confident enough to….? Well, Purrfit has an effective mantra: “Look. Leap. Live.”

“Look” symbolises the mind and our perspectives.

“Leap” symbolises the body and our self-confidence.

“Live” symbolises the soul and our self expression.

Purrrrhaps you are needlessly keeping yourself in the doghouse. Instead, come to Purrfit and move, think and play like a pussycat.  Do as much or as little stretching, mew-sing, meditating or playing as you feel like in our guided activities. Don’t fancy a particular exercise or task? Have a snooze instead. No need to explain. Our classes have mats and blankets at the ready and an ‘open cat flap system’  – do  your thing and leave when you like. The pressure is off when you are a cat!

Advocating personal authenticity, Purrfit encourages  individuals to awaken their mind-body unity and explore their creative potential – unhindered by those all too ‘human’ doubts and fears.

“I have lived with several zen masters – all of them cats.”
– Eckhart Tolle

Why Cats?

Cats are alluring, affectionate and fascinating. They are wonderful mothers, zen master meditators, expert gymnasts, precision hunters, affectionate companions, elegant beauties admired and worshipped through time – and natural clowns with a wicked sense of play.  Yet, they rest 16+ hours a day and crucially, they  aren’t obliged to please others, doubt their place nor do they ever beg for acceptance or rank in any group.  

We humans have become disconnected from our natural selves, living complicated (and exhausting) lives of artifice coping with societal pressures, adhering to gender norms and satisfying the needs of others before our own; all whilst trying to fit in to unrealistic moulds of physical perfection, social rank and domestic expectations. If you are tired of being a human who doesn’t fit the human mould… be a cat.

Let go. Get Purrfit. Be More Cat.

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