Just like cats bathing in sunbeams, through mindful practice we too can enhance our mindful appreciation of  ‘being in the moment’ exploring our  sensory perception and self-acceptance.



We all know our human ‘five senses’ (taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell) – and some wonder about a Sixth sense….. But what if there were actually LOADS of other senses that we all use every day – but don’t notice them, perhaps because we don’t use them in our conscious critical thinking?

For example, have you heard of ‘proprioception’ (the sense informing us of the whereabouts and position of our bodies)?Our the ‘labyrinthian’ sense (which informs our physical orientation to the horizon)? What about Psi phenomena and communication between species?

What would you be like if your had a broader sensory spectrum? If you could see ‘auras’, hear heartbeats in the moment, feel tension or smell a rat (a lie!)? What if you could find that place of animal non-judgement (or childhood ‘innocence’)  within yourself, as an adult?

What would it mean to you?



Perhaps you are habitually dogging yourself down with doubts or worry about what others think? Well, we have a technique for that. Think Pussy Thoughts. Every day.

What is a pussy thought?  Pussy Thoughts are simple personal musings and whimsies – honest little brain-gisms that come from ‘nowhere’ and bring you a blast of authentic joy in the moment.

e.g. “that book on DIY crochet-caravans has arrived!”;  “cats have really fluffy bottoms”; “my 5 year-old announced his ‘retirement’ today”; “that singing banana meme is hilarious”;  “I bloody love corn”. 

Whatever brings a spontaneous smile to your unexpecting face – that’s a Pussy Thought. It sneaks in like a ninja and steals your heart for a moment. What’s more, sharing a Pussy Thought can start an uplifting chain reaction. Why not create a ‘Pussy Thought’ board at work, club or home? All you need is to offer sticky notes and coloured pens – and an example or two to get the thought train rolling.


Having trouble finding a Pussy Thought? Perhaps you are in a habit of talking down to yourself, so be more cat, and extract the simple, un-judged truths,

THOUGHT: “I went swimming for the first time in ages and my swimsuit was much tighter than it used to be. I felt really fat and self-conscious.”

PUSSY THOUGHTS: “I got my old swim suit on.” (+) “I went swimming.” (+) “I was highly similar to the other amphibious humans.” (+)

Be more cat. Be your true self. Look, Leap, Live!